Post baby relationships

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We all know that everything changes in your life after the arrival of baby, especially your relationship with your partner. How we cope with these changes will make a big difference to how your relationship continues to grow. 

Alison Osbourne addresses this very problem in her book “The Post Baby Conversation – What new parents need to say to each other”. She shares a few tips with us below. 

Are you a happy post-baby couple?

Has your relationship changed since you had a baby?

Tips for post-baby couples 

Many post-baby relationships are in a bad state of repair. Below are some tips to help get things back on track:

  • Take an interest in each other (rather than just in the baby) – give your partner at least 5 minutes of undivided attention each day to check in and engage without distractions.
  • Create reciprocal arrangements around time-outs – both parents need frequent breaks from work and family.
  • Schedule couple time.
  • Offer willingly – don’t wait to be asked.
  • Stop expecting – start requesting. 

To order this book, visit The Post baby Conversation by Alison Osbourne

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