Kids’ birthday party décor

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There are plenty of great ideas around when it comes to kids’ birthday party décor. The key is to choose things that are within your budget and are suitable for your little one’s needs as well. So how do you go about organising the perfect décor for your little one’s party ? 

Remember it is highly unlikely that your baby will remember their first couple of birthday parties. The memories they have will be from the photos or video of the event. Make sure you take lots of photos of this special day to share with them when they are older. They will love seeing the work you have put into the occasion for them. 

Be age appropriate

If your baby is turning one or two, chances are they won’t be at all interested in their birthday party décor. While you might have something in mind, baby will probably be oblivious to the celebrations.


It’s also important to make sure that whatever birthday décor you do choose is safe and suitable for your little one.


Avoid balloons and strings hanging nearby and make sure all potentially hazardous items are stored well out of reach.


If your little one is a bit older they may have particular interests or hobbies. Chat with them and encourage them to have some input into their party. A great way to involve them is to use their favourite colours as the theme for their party. So if they like pink and yellow you can make sure that everything from the balloons to the cupcakes are in those two colours.


Pin it!

Pininterest is a great place to source birthday décor inspiration. Chances are, if you have had an idea, someone has done something similar.


You can use Pinterest to create a board of your own and source lots of practical suggestions on how to make your concept work at your child’s birthday party.


Theme it

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When you are choosing birthday party décor, it is much easier if you select a specific colour scheme or theme and use that throughout the party.


That way you can choose everything from invitations through to goody bags with a similar décor in mind.


So whether you decide to host a pirate party or an outdoor jungle adventure you will have a theme that you want to make work for the whole event.


Do your research

There are lots of great online stores and shops that create products that are specifically for kids’ parties.


Do your research and make sure you are getting the best value for money. If you are getting extra items, like bunting that says ‘Happy Birthday’ or tablecloths, try to choose something that you can re-use in the years to come.


Always bear in mind your little one won’t be that interested in the schemes you have chosen for them. So if you are on a strict budget, don’t worry if you have to cut certain things from the plan. Your baby is certainly not going to mind a bit!


While your plates and cups and balloons may be disposable, think about ensuring that some of the décor you purchase can be used again, possibly even for siblings as well.


Organise well in advance

When you’ve chosen your décor make sure to place your order for it well in advance of your child’s birthday party. It can be very upsetting when a particular item or object goes missing from your order or doesn’t arrive in time for the big day.


Hosting a birthday party for small children can be a fairly high pressure event, so being organised really helps minimise the stress for everyone involved.


Remember to take photos of the décor before all the guests arrive. It is always a lovely way to capture a special day and see how the parties you organise change over the years to come.


Birthday party décor checklist:


Thank-you cards
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Tablecloths / covers









Platters for food


Goody bags

Party favours


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