Intelligent Fit™ is here

We’ve upgraded our nappies to hug more like you

NEW Unisex Huggies® Pants nappies with Intelligent FitTM are designed to distribute liquid evenly and help reduce sagging.


Unisex with Intelligent FitTM

We’ve upgraded Huggies® Pants. Huggies® Pants is now Unisex, in a brand new pack, and with Huggies® Intelligent FitTM – Active Channels that absorb wetness and distribute it evenly to help reduce sagging.

Product features

  • Active channels absorb wetness & distribute it evenly
  • Reduced sagging even when getting full
  • Underwear-like fit, breathable, stretchy waistband
  • Keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours both day & night
  • With Disney’s Mickey and Minnie characters

Available sizes

3 7-12kg
4 9-14kg
5 12-17kg
6 15-25kg

Size 3
7 - 12kg
Size 4
12 to 17kg
Size 5
12 - 16kg
Size 6
15 to 25kg
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Fluff pulp, Superabsorbent material (sodium polyacrylate), polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, polyurethane, elastics, adhesives, inks