Huggies® Little Swimmers

Hi Mom

Huggies® has a quality nappy for little ones of every age — from tiny tots to busy toddlers — no matter what activity they are up to.

Specially designed swim nappies are a must for trips to your local pool, the beach and for holidays. Avoid the embarrassment of little accidents in the water and enjoy peace of mind while swimming with your little one.

Love splash time together.

Accident-free swimming

The nappy is made from unique materials that are designed so that they don’t swell in water like a normal nappy would.

Size 2-3
3 - 8kg
Size 3-4
7 - 15kg
Size 5-6
12 - 18kg
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Polypropylene, wood fluff pulp, polyethylene, polyurethane, thermoplastic polymers and colorants

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